Tuesday, June 11, 2013

HTC and Samsung Twitter War

HTC and Samsung have started a war of words on Twitter, both started to exchange twitter slaps! Here you go the full story.. 

HTC UK tweeted that they won the “hottest phone of 2013” at the mobile awards copying Samsung UK in their tweet

Both Samsung & htc started to exchange Twitter slaps on public

A funny reply to both Samsung & htc who didn’t reply to each other or LG

1.Neither Samsung nor htc won in that war but LG who took over them by a wise tweet

2.Other competitors can take advantage while you’re stuck with another

3.LG UK gained 7K followers because of tweet taking over competitors

4.Customers do not care about awards you take but benefits they get from you

5.People love to see brands fight and harm their brand names to laugh and that’s clear from the number of retweets and favorites

6.Do not tag your competitor in outgoing messages and do not reply to any of 
their messages 

7.Respect your competitors to get people’s respect

If you were Samsung, would you reply htc? 

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