Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Muslim Brotherhood #Military_Coup hashtag stats!

Muslim brotherhood still cannot understand that 30th June was a full revolution and it's not a military coup, hence they have created a hashtag to escalate their loss to the world asking for a military support in Egypt. 

How can they do that? By inventing that what is happening in Egypt is a military thing and democracy needs your support in Egypt #Militarily

So that they created a hashtag called #Military_Coup to make it like there's a military coup in Egypt. 

This is to let you know where they stand now on twitter and what is their real position on the liberal social network. 

Hashtag Buzz Trend 

55K is the total number of Tweets/RTs


Number of participants: less than 4.5K 
However there're too many RTs to uncover liars and MB accounts on twitter like @Nadiaglory and other fake persons

Top Tweets: 

Your hashtag doesn't generate more than 2K tweets including RTs per day 

Reachability: Your own network ya Gihad El Hadad :) 

بخ ياسبرايت

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